The 22-nd competition on rod ice fishing for the Cup of A.E. Lebedev completed on the Baikal

March 25, 2021

On March 20, 2021 the personal-team championship of JSC AECP for the Cup of A.E. Lebedev for rod ice-fishing took place on the Lake of Baikal devoted to the 25-th anniversary of the Fuel Company TVEL.

This large-scale event has already become a long-standing tradition and long-awaited holiday, which gathers more and more participants from various regions every year. This year JSC TVEL became a partner of the competition, which has been arranged on the annual basis since 2000, and opened a series of events dedicated to the anniversary of the Fuel Company.

The winter Baikal again fascinated the participants and guests of the competition with its beauty, variety of ice shapes, and tremendous energy: these vast areas of clear ice interspersed with virgin snow-white fields, graceful ice uprushes on the rocks resembling the fairytale castles, piles of turquoise ice ridges, pure frosty air, bright sun ... And the stage that was made directly on the ice, where artists invited from Irkutsk entertained the guests during the event. The stage was surrounded with 3D ice sculptures in the forms of logos of State Corporation Rosatom, JSC TVEL, JSC AECP and JSC International Uranium Enrichment Centre.

The sport «battle» for amazing prizes, medals, diplomas, title and cup of A.E. Lebedev brought together 24 male and 5 female teams, each consisted of three members. The exciting and spectacular competition lasted for three hours. It was a manifestation of a desire to excel the competitor at skills, strategy and tactics. It was evident that participants did their best, applied their maximum efforts, mobilized all their capabilities, just not to let down their teams.

The overall team victory was awarded to the employees of LLC TLC from Novouralsk. The most significant reason for joy went to Vladimir Lukanin (Angara branch of LLC NPO Centrotech), which caught out the biggest fish - a grayling weighted 504 grams, and Irina Kozhelyuk (Administration of JSC AECP), who caught a perch weighted 248 grams. Traditionally, the event was accomplished with spectacular competition in speed drilling of ice holes with manual screws. To determine the fastest fisherman the anglers lined up and started drilling of the 1.4 m thick ice by a signal. The first person among men, who overcame the challenge for 17 seconds, was Maxim Melnikov (Engineering Maintenance Center of JSC AECP), and the best result among women, 1 minute 9 seconds, was demonstrated by Elena Avramenko (Angarchanka, JSC APCC). In total, during the personal-team championship of JSC AECC for the Cup of A.E. Lebedev were caught 110 kg 590 grams of fish, of which more than 2 kg was on account of children.

All participants and guests were pleased with the event organized on the ice of the most beautiful lake in our planet and enjoyed having their time in the company of colleagues from leading companies of State Corporation Rosatom and related industries.

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