The Nuclear Industry Employee’s Day

September 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues!

My congratulations with the Day of Nuclear Industry Employee!

This is a special day for each of us. Thanks to self-sacrificing and intensive work of many generations of real professionals - scientists, engineers, builders, workers - our nuclear industry for already 75 years have been keeping the leading positions in the world nuclear energy, it is a key sector of national economy that plays an important role in strengthening the national energy potential and improvement of the life standards for out people.

The scale of achievements is tremendous. We are well aware of what this big and hard work is for. At its heart is the desire that today, tomorrow, and decades later, the industry will provide reliable and uninterrupted supplies of electricity, production of isotopes for medical purposes, navigation in the Northern Sea Route, achieve meaningful results in other critical areas of the economy. To have the nuclear shield that ensures the defence capabilities of out country and peace on the planet. And new scientific discoveries and technological advancements will be ahead of time.

I am convinced that your deep knowledge, rich experience, high employability, professional attitude to your business, energetic solution of complex tasks is the key to new achievements. I wish you success in implementation of all your plans! Good health, happiness and well-being!


General Director
Gleb Efremov

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