Contest of creative ideas Christmas fantasy at Armenian NPP

November 04, 2019

The New Year is just around the corner. In the air there is a sense of approaching the most magical, mysterious and favourite for everyone holiday, which is slowly but surely moving toward our homes and hearts. This is the time when we all become children to some extent. Because the New Year is the time of magic, when people want to believe in the dream, hope for the best and wait for miracles. And how can this holiday go without a smartly decorated green beauty? Of course, in the shops one can find bright and unusual decorations for the Christmas tree, but the toys made with own hands bear the warmth, love, and joy to its owners, preserving a piece of the soul, placed in it by the creator, and give a truly festive mood.

The tradition of dressing the Christmas tree on New Year Eve is one of the most touching and loved ones. Often it brings the entire family together and plunges into the atmosphere of a real winter fairy tale. That is why, Armenian NPP (CJSC HE) in the purpose of creation of the magical New Year mood and involvement of the employees’ children in the process of decoration of the corporate Christmas tree arranged the contest of creative ideas «Christmas fantasy» for fabrication of designer Christmas toys. The event was organized by JSC IUEC and CJSC HE.

The contest participants became 84 children aged from 7 to 16 years. Each toy was different from the other by its originality, uniqueness and unusual approach to its production. The kids found interesting solutions from the paper, cardboard, felt, various types of fabric, yarn, cotton wool, all sorts of improvised materials - plastics, foam plastic, wood, bulges, disposable tableware and even from the pasta. In the framework of the contest there were presented toys with fancy paintings, various volumetric figures of fairy-tale characters, symbols of the New Year holiday and coming year. All participants showed inventiveness and individuality. It was difficult for the jury members to assess such wonderful works. But, nevertheless, they have coped with the task.

The first place in the age group of 7-10 years took Arevik Poghosyan (7 years, «Christmas Tree - the Snow Maiden»), the second place - Nara Ordubeyan (8 years old, «And here it is, the elegant, has come to our holiday...»), the third was awarded to Ani Margaryan (7 years old, «Magic with one stroke»).

The winner in the age group of 11-13 years became David Atoyan (11 years old, «The First Snow of th eLittle Boggrd»), the second place went to Aida Grigoryan (13 years old, «The White Rat»), and the third to Lusin Abrahamyan (12 years old, «The Christmas Mood»).

In the older age group of 14-16 years old the as best work was recognized by Christmas toy of Ani Matsakyan (15 years old, «The Solid Rat»), the second place was awarded by jury to Mais Saroyan (14 years old, «The Santa Claus»), and the third on to Larissa Navasardyan (15 years old, «The Dream»).

The award ceremony for the participants of the creative ideas contest «The Christmas fantasy» was held on November 1, 2019 in the auditorium of Armenian NPP. Mr. Gleb Efremov, General Director of JSC IUEC and Mr. Ernest Jagaryan, Deputy General Director - Financial Director of CJSC HAEK came to make their congratulations to the kids. The day turned into a fairy, bright holiday, full of smiles and laughter. To support the participants of the contest came their parents and grandparents! And congratulations to the participants and guests were prepared by nine guys from the team of «Peaceful Atom» - children of the employees of the Armenian plant, who are actively participating in the activities of Rosatom School, shifts of the International Smart Holidays and Russian Centre of Science and Culture. In their performance the talented guys sang incendiary songs and Christmas poems, the young stars have demonstrated their skills in the national dances.

There are no losers in our contest of creative ideas, all Christmas tree toys are original, creative and combine the beautiful design and impeccable quality, therefore, all participants received their well deserved awards. The children were very happy with their results. And enthusiastic and happy faces the guys give us new strength and inspiration for our work.

A special gift for the New Year to the plant personnel from Mr. Gleb Efremov, General Director of JSC IUEC became Santa Claus under the Christmas tree. And at the end of the ceremony all kids started the decoration of the corporate three-meters height beauty with their Christmas tree toys. And the decal in the Russian and Armenian languages was installed next to the festive forest guest: «The New Year tree decorated with toys made by children of employees of the nuclear power plant».

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