Supplies to shareholders

The key objective to establish the SC IUEC is to ensure guaranteed supplies of uranium product to countries that have elected to join the Center as an alternative to development of their own enrichment capacities.

Recently, a growing number of states, in the first place, those of the Pacific Asia, Middle East and Africa have announced intentions to develop peaceful nuclear power, so the issue of guaranteed fuel supplies for newly built nuclear power plants is becoming a priority of their national and economic security policies.

Uranium enrichment is a sensitive technology, i.e. it can be used for both peaceful purposes and building nuclear weapons. A state that has opted to build up own enrichment capacities is to overcome multiple political barriers, bring up its legal system in accordance with the international norms and regulations in the field of the use of sensitive nuclear technologies, invest substantial funds in acquiring the technology, building of capacities and related infrastructure, and employing highly competent staff. Even if all these barriers are overcome, the building of own capacities would require a long time to have them available and impose serious technological risks.

At the same time, the participation in the SC IUEC would help to avoid these risks, while guaranteeing enrichment services by the Russian enrichment and conversion facilities, which have operated successfully and reliably for many years.

Therefore, the participation in the SC IUEC offers a shareholder: 

  • Enhanced energy security through guaranteed supplies of low enriched uranium and/or uranium enrichment services at market prices (guarantees of the Russian Government are secured by the Intergovernmental Agreement); 
  • Guaranteed supplies supported by enrichment capacities of all Russian enterprises. The SC IUEC has been established within the Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex, but it can use capacities of other three Russian combines to diversify production and optimize logistics;
  • Benefits ensured by the rights of a shareholder of an open joint stock company under the Russian legislation; 
  • Broader involvement in the strengthening of the nuclear nonproliferation regime.


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