Participation conditions

Compliance with the obligations provided by the international nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime (Agreement*, preamble; SC «IUEC» Articles of association, article 1.1)

  • Intention of the IUEC participant to develop nuclear power (Agreement, preamble), existing or perspective needs in EUP for their own nuclear power plants, which will be covered by the IUEC deliveries
  • Cooperation of the IUEC member-state with the IAEA (Agreement, article 8)
  • Use of the enriched uranium produced by the IUEC and exported from the Russian Federation for fuel fabrication (powders, pellets, fuel assemblies) for nuclear power generation (Agreement, article 5)
  • Access to the IUEC capacities primarily (but not-exclusively) for institutional participants from the states which do not develop national uranium enrichment facilities on their territories (Agreement, article 3)

* Intergovernmental Agreement on the IUEC establishment

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