Competition of children's creativity «Art - Relay - Energize with ATOM» has completed in Angarsk

December 18, 2020

The Russian nuclear industry celebrates its 75-year anniversary in 2020. The establishment of the industry gave a powerful impetus to the development of national science and technology, industrial production, it ensured the nuclear parity and strengthen the national defense capabilities. This festive year, following the good tradition of JSC AECP, JSC IUEC and Primary Trade Union Organization of AECP arranged a joint event - the competition of creativity «Art - Relay - Energize with ATOM» for children and grandchildren of the plant employees and its service companies. Children's pictures and crafts reveal the inner world of the child, and their creation promotes the acquisition of new knowledge and development of their abilities. The creativity charges with energy and optimism. This is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas!

109 children aged from 4 to 17 expressed their attitude and confidence in one of the most complex, knowledge-intensive, and high-tech industries. It is time for the rising generation to be charged with the energy of atom. And using the colored pencils, markers, gouache, watercolor, pastels, as well as materials from paper, clay and fabric the participants demonstrated their knowledge and creative vision. Each work has delighted with the skill of performance, originality of the idea, fantasy and positive life-affirming approach to disclosure of the subject.

In the category for children of 4-6 years old – «Green World around Us» (picture) the 1-st place was awarded to Darya Minchenko (6 years old, «The Green World»), the 2-nd place -to Olga Lysenko (6 years old, «The Green World Around Us»), the 3-rd place - to Ivan Manole (5 years old, «After the Rain»). And the best authors of the crafts in the same nomination became: the 1-st place - Miroslav Eliseev (6 years old, «The Magic Lake»), the 2-nd place - Rudnitsky Svyatoslav (4 years, «Melody of Summer») and 3 place - Margarita Chaika (6 years, «Take Care of the Nature»).

In the category for children of 7-10 years old – «Atom in Our Life» (Pictures) the 1-st place was awarded to Artem Eliseev (9 years old, «Atom in Our Life»), the 2-nd place - to Kristina Tokareva (9 years old, «Light is the Energy of Life» ), the 3-rd place - to Julia Kalk (8 years old, «Daily Duty of Submarines at the Guard of Our Homeland»). The winners of the crafts competition in this category were: the 1-st place – Ekaterina Vorobyeva (10 years old, «Atom around Us»), the 2-nd place – Ivan Trifonov (9 years old, «Peaceful Atom for Prosperity of the Mankind»), the 3-rd place – Elena Gezha (8 years old, «Light and Warmth to Every House»).

In the category for children of 11-14 years old – «The Russian Atom is 75! We Have Much to Be Proud of!» (picture) the first places were divided due to the same number of points: Arina Martynova (14 years old, «The Pride of Angarsk»), Elena Masloboeva (14 years old, «Our Achievements - Our Pride») and Safina Shafigulin (12 years old, «The Russian atom is 75»). The winners in the nomination of crafts on this category were announced as follows: the 1-st place – Elisey Gudov (11 years old, «We Have Something to Be Proud of»), the 2-nd place – Valeria Kozhelyuk (14 years old, «Peceful Atom») and the 3-rd place - Anastasia Hertzog (11 years old, «The Pride of Rosatom is a Single Team, which is Unique as an Art-Piece Woven from Multiple Beads! Together We Can Do More»).

In the category for children of 15-17 years old: «Nuclear Technology Changes the Life for the Better» (picture) the jury selected the top three as follows: the 1-st place - Sophia Orlova (17 years old, «The Atom does not Damage the Nature. And Every Scientist Can Confirm it. We Have to Make all Our Efforts to Keep the Atom PEACEFUL as We Do»), the 2-nd place – Maria Mironova (17 years old, «New Era of the Arctic with the Energy of a Floating Nuclear Power Plant»), and the 3-rd place – Darya Dmitrieva (17 years old, «Atomic Technologies are Systemic and Positive Changes in Our Lives»). And as the best craft was recognized the work of Natalia Gezhe (16 years old, «Our Future is the Space»).

The young creative talents with their pictures and crafts congratulated the country nuclear industry employees with the anniversary. Unfortunately, this year, due to the current epidemiological situation in the country, it was not possible to collect the children for the award ceremony. Nevertheless, the diplomas, medals, valuable prizes and gifts for creativity have been prepared for the winners and contestants, which will be handed out to everyone before the end of December. We wish to all participants of the «Art - Relay - Energize with ATOM» not to stop at the achievement made, but develop their talents, to remain the same inquisitive and creative, to conquer the unexplored peaks and make the great discoveries. Let participation in this competition will be a tailwind in their lives, bright impressions and new knowledge from plunging into the exciting and fascinating world of the atom!

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