Congratulation to the team of JSC AECC with the Company Birthday

October 21, 2020

 Dear colleagues!

On behalf of JSC International Uranium Enrichment Center and personally me let cordially congratulate the personnel of JSC AECC with a remarkable event - the Company Birthday!

The beginning is never easy, but confidently and purposefully went ahead those of you who stood at the origins, who created the milestones of the glorious history of the company and remember how was made the historic start of the first stage of the diffusion plant of JSC AECC, built and put into operation the sublimation and the uranium enrichment plants. It was in the 50s, in the heroic everyday work, when was born the unity, laid down the tradition of the special reverent attitude to the business, which now distinguishes all of you - the like-minded professionals.

Today, JSC AECC is the invaluable knowledge and experience of several generations of nuclear scientists, the reliable production aimed at the successful future, it is the impeccable reputation and trust of partners. And the most important asset of the plant, the guarantee of its further development and prosperity are the employees, whose amazing energy, endless enthusiasm, dedication and devotedness to the business will increase the achieved and open up new opportunities and prospects for the company.

For many years our companies have been associated with good business relations. That is why, today, it is an especial pleasure for us to express the gratitude to all employees of JSC AECC, those, with whom we work together to resolve the production challenges, to achieve the same result, and feel themselves to be the participants in the most important achievements of the nuclear industry. For JSC «International Uranium Enrichment Center» the Company is one of the most reliable partners. We are proud of this and hope that the trust that has been developed between our companies will continue to be developing.

I wish you success in implementing your plans, strong health, happiness, well-being and festive mood!

General Director
Gleb Efremov


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