On cancellation of the event on the lake of Baikal

March 19, 2020

In connection with the threat of the corona-virus infection spread the Governor of Irkutsk Region issued a decree on March 18, 2020 № 59-ur «On introduction of high alert operation regime for territorial subsystem of Irkutsk region, united national system for emergency prevention and mitigation», in accordance with the decree it is prohibited from the date of the publication in Irkutsk region to conduct the theatre, cultural, educational, sports and other events, with its rescheduling up to elimination of the threat of COVID-19 spread.

Following the decree of the Governor of Irkutsk region, as well as the relevant instructions of State Corporation Rosatom, JSC AECС, its primary trade union organization and JSC International Uranium Enrichment Centre made a joint decision to cancel the scheduled on March 28, 2020 the open personal-team championship of AECС for the cup A. E. Lebedev for winter ice fishing with fishing rods on the lake of Baikal dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War and the 75-th anniversary of nuclear industry.

Since the identification of winners in the annual championship should take place under identical conditions in terms of the place and time of the event arrangement, except for the natural weather and meteorological conditions, the subject the championship should remain the winter ice fishing rod on the lake of Baikal. Therefore, JSC International Uranium Enrichment Centre, as the founder of the Cup named after A.E. Lebedev, made the decision to maintain the status of the winners of the competition in 2019 among men's teams - JSC PA ECP, women's - JSC Angarsk petrochemical company («Angarchanka») up to the date of the next championship in 2021. Meanwhile, the current winners of the chairmanship in 2019 shall ensure the safety of the handed to them challenge cups of A.E. Lebedev up to the start of the championship in 2021.

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