Children's drawing competition «Our health is in our hands» was held in Angarsk

October 26, 2019

 A healthy lifestyle is the only correct decision for any person. The abbreviation «HLS» today is not a mysterious phrase any more. Mass media write actively on healthy lifestyles. Every day more and more individuals become the adherents of rational nutrition, physical activity, compliance with the day regime, and personal hygiene, the fight against the bad habits among people of all ages. It is necessary to cultivate the positive motivation to the healthy lifestyle from the very early age.

That is why State Corporation Rosatom declared 2019 to the Year of Occupational Safety, Health and a Healthy Lifestyle. In the purposes of creation the value-oriented relationship to the healthy lifestyle and development of creative capabilities of children of pre-school and school ages JSC IUEC and Trade Union Organization of JSC AECP have arranged a children's drawing competition «Our health is in our hands» for the children of the combine and its support organizations.

The contest participants became 122 children aged from 4 to 17 years. The kids made their drawings paints, felt-tip pens and coloured pencils. Some participants have used in their "little masterpieces" elements of application and combinations of different materials. The jury faced a challenging task to select the best works from the huge number of interesting ones. Therefore, the specialists relied on the basic criteria of the competition: conformity of the work to the contest nominations, originality of creative ideas, emotional impact of the works, quality and aesthetics of the execution. The children's art works have attracted the brightness, abundance of colours, imagination, energy and fun slogans. Everyone could make sure of this by looking at the exhibition exposition of the talented supporters of healthy lifestyle arranged in the Marble Hall of the Palace of Culture «The Contemporary».

The celebration award ceremony of the winners of the Children's drawing competition «Our health is in our hands» was held on October 25, 2019, it was participated by Mr. Gleb Efremov, General Director of JSC IUEC and Mr. Sergey Hertzog, Deputy General Director for Engineering Development and Quality - Chief Engineer of JSC AECP.

In the nomination for children of 4-6 years old – «Vegetables and fruit - useful products» the winner became Artemiy Tokarev (6 years old, «Harvest»), the second place went to Yuri Gerner (6 years old, «Small Waterlemon»), the third place took Yaroslav Schapov (5 years old, «Freshes, Smoothies are the Food, Eat It - Healthy will be Good»).

In the nomination for children of 7-10 years old – «Sun, air and water are our best friends» the first place took the Elisey Goudov (10 years old, «Sun, air and water are our best friends»), the second place - Barbara Grechikhina (7 years old, «The Fabulous Coast»), the third place was divided between Anastasia Hertzog (10 years old, «Sun, air and water - say «YES» to healthy lifestyle) and Elizabeth Tokareva (9 years old, «Sun, air and water are our best friends, because, they make me always happy, healthy, vigorous»).

In the nomination for children 11-14 of years old – «Amicably, boldly, with optimism - for a healthy lifestyle» the first became Elena Masloboeva (13 years old, «At 7 a.m. In the morning we, me and my pet, always jogging»), and the second - to Arina Martynova (13 years old, «Amicably, boldly, with optimism - for a healthy lifestyle»), the third place was awarded to Anastasia Mescheryakova (12 years old, «Family rays») and Yaroslav Chernyshev (14 years old, «Fishing»).

In the nomination for children 15-17 of years old – «I choose a healthy lifestyle» the best became the painting of Maria Mironova (15 years old, «You choose your future on your own»), the second by the sum of the points became the painting of Elena Rezenkova (16 years old, «I choose the health» and the third place was divided between Victoria Yurina (16 years old, «Not a day without sports») and Elizaveta Orlova (17 years old, «I choose a healthy life»).

The winner in the special nomination «My slogan of the healthy lifestyle» became Pavel Ostapenko (9 years old) with the motto:
«Swim, cold water, gym - forever,
Pills and medicines - never!»

Every child received the attention and gift. The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas and useful thematic prizes and all participants were provided by the organizers with letters of thankfulness and gifts for creativity - a piece of contribution in their personal banks of new victories. The best works of young artists will decorate the corporate calendar of JSC IUEC dedicated to the healthy lifestyle.

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