Сongratulations on the occasion of coming New Year and Christmas!

December 24, 2018

Dear Colleagues! Dear Friends!

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of coming  New Year and Christmas!

A New Year eve is always associated with bright expectations, brave plans and great expectations for coming true of the most cherished desires. In the days preceding a New Year we usually summarize and define the best that we have managed to do, the things to become a reliable foundation for future successes and achievements.

The last year was very difficult for all of us, but we did all our efforts to respond decently to the challenges of time and resolved the issues we faced honourably. Despite the difficulties 2018 gave us many achievements and wonderful minutes, enriched with new experiences and inspired with bright emotions. In the life of each of us much has happened that gave us a unique experience: our achievements helped us to gain self-confidence and setbacks have taught us not to give up.

Turning another page in the history, we expect good news, new projects and bright victories. And even if not all of our plans succeeded, we all know the more global goal one sets, the stronger will be the joy and pride for the results achieved. And we continue to move forward with the firm belief that we will be able to implement all the projects, and a wealthiest technical and intellectual potential will give the start for even more ambitious plans.

Let 2019 will bring to your life many happy events, luck and confidence in tomorrow! I wish that you to have love and support of your families and friends and let in your homes prevails well-being, love and understanding!


General Director
Mr Gled Efremov

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