Report Multilateral approaches to nuclear fuel cycle. IUEC as example of collaboration is included in the training programme for MGIMO students

October 10, 2018

The presentation made by General Director of JSC IUEC Gleb Efremov to the subject «Multilateral approaches to nuclear fuel cycle. International Uranium Enrichment Centre as an example of collaboration» is included in the program of international magistracy «Global security, nuclear policy and the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction» for students of MGIMO.

Following the initiative and with direct participation of the PIR Center the largest education centres in the field of international relations and non-proliferation: MGIMO of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Relations (Moscow) and Middlebury Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS, Monterey, California, USA) developed the first international magistracy programme for non-proliferation issues - an innovative educational product of high quality. The key factor that contributed to the successful result was combining of expertise, knowledge, talent and efforts of the world's leading specialists in the sphere of global security and professional education. Graduates of the program will have magister degrees of Russian and American universities.

Upon invitation of the PIR Center in his presentation Gleb Efremov told the students of the evolution of multilateral approaches to nuclear fuel cycle, background and history of establishment of International Uranium Enrichment Centre as the first implemented mechanism of guaranteed supply of nuclear fuel cycle services, he also talked of the history of the world first guaranteed physical stock of low enriched uranium (LEU) at the site of IUEC in Angarsk.

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