Congratulations to founder and ideologist of the PIR Center Vladimir Orlov with his 50-years anniversary

October 04, 2018

The team of Joint Stock Company International for Uranium Enrichment Centre congratulates our reliable partner and dear friend, the founder and ideologist of the PIR Center Vladimir Orlov with his 50th anniversary!

The life path of Mr. Orlov is an example of responsible, highly professional and simultaneously creative approach to performance of the duties set by the society and state, selfless service to the idea of maintaining and strengthening of international security and development of Russian foreign policy.

His outstanding personal qualities, excellent organizational skills, depth of knowledge and wealth of experience, informal approach and persistence in achieving the set goals - all these qualities helped Mr. Orlov to win high prestige and respect in the professional community, led to the success of his multi-faceted teaching and social activities. His enlightened opinion and expert assessments are always reliable and meaningful.

We express our deep respect and sincere appreciation to Vladimir Orlov as a wise person with active life position, bright, strong, strong-willed personality with progressive views!

We wish to have good health, prosperity, inexhaustible energy and new creative achievements! Let your life will always be filled with understanding and support of like-minded people, warm of home comfort, love of your family members and friends as well as entertaining journeys into the unexplored corners of the world!

General Director of JSC IUEC
Gleb Efremov

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