Mr Gleb Efremov made presentations in the joint school of State Corporation Rosatom and IAEA in St. Petersburg

September 05, 2018

 A joint school of State Corporation Rosatom and IAEA devoted to nuclear energy management for young professionals was held in St. Petersburg on September 3-14, 2018. The event was organized by Rosatom Technical Academy from the side of State Corporation Rosatom.

The key purpose of the joint school Rosatom-IAEA is to convey to the embarking countries the unique experience in the area of management of nuclear programs.

The speakers at this event were international experts, experts from IAEA and State Corporation Rosatom specialized in various areas of nuclear industry to share their experiences and best practices with respect to matters covering technical, legal, financial and social aspects of national nuclear programs. The focus point of IAEA-Rosatom school is the discussion of the issues of nuclear safety culture, nuclear infrastructure development management, application of IAEA safeguards, achievements in the area of reactor technologies, communications and nuclear knowledge management.

On September 4, 2018 Mr Gleb Efremov, Director General of JSC IUEC made two presentations.The first presentation was dedicated to the role of JSC IUEC in the area of global energy security. Mr Gleb Efremov told of the evolution of multilateral approaches to nuclear fuel cycle, background and history of establishment of International Uranium Enrichment Centre as the first implemented mechanism of guaranteed supply of nuclear fuel cycle services, he also talked of the history of the world first guaranteed physical stock of low-enriched uranium (LEU) at the site of IUEC in Angarsk.

The second presentation was devoted to the topic of promotion of IAEA safeguards culture by the Russian Federation and IUEC. In his presentation Mr Gleb Efremov described the main legal and practical aspects of application of the Agency safeguards. He paid special attention to the infrastructure of support to the application of IAEA safeguards established in the Russian Federation in general and, in particular, in IUEC. He told about the system of accounting and control of nuclear materials, mechanisms established in accordance with the international obligations of the Russian Federation to provide the necessary information for IAEA, as well as arrangement of IAEA inspections in our country. In addition, the audience was briefed on the goals and objectives of the Russian safeguards support program and participation of the Centre in this work.

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