Congratulations to the personnel of JSC TENEX with the 55th anniversary of the company

July 17, 2018

On behalf of the employees of JSC International Uranium Enrichment Centre and myself I cordially congratulate the personnel of JSC TENEX with the remarkable date, the 55-th anniversary of your company foundation!

Over these years, TENEX has passed a nice way of establishment and efflorescence, which certainly was not deprived of some difficulties. Despite these, the company managed to achieve outstanding successes that brought a sound contribution to development of nuclear industry and economy of Russia. Today, TENEX retains the glorious traditions of the past and can be proud of the outcomes of the traversed path. Occupying a leading global position in the supply of nuclear fuel cycle services, you certainly have reached a high confidence of partners and formed an impressive portfolio of orders for the long-term perspective.

Each achievement of TENEX is backed up with the huge efforts of the true professionals united by a common idea. Your team is distinguished by the selfless devotion to the business you deal with, high responsibility, understanding and support for each other.

I am pleased to note that TENEX was the first shareholder of IUEC and for more than 10 years since the foundation of our Centre remains our most kind and reliable partner. We are proud of our cooperation with your team, there are mutual respect, openness to dialogue, trust and sincerity in our relationships.

At this date, I would like to wish the personnel of TENEX to have new achievements and new successes, implementation of the most ambitious plans and ideas, exciting everyday life and bright holidays. Let your life will always be filled with the understanding and support of like-minded people, warm of home comfort, love of your family members and friends!

General Director
Gleb Efremov

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