Competition on ice-fishing finished on Baikal

March 25, 2018

On March 24, 2018 AEСС’ Open Team-Individual Championship on ice fishery by fishrod for A.E. Lebedev Cup Trophy took place on Lake Baikal devoted to the 70-th anniversary of the Russian trade union of employees of the power engineering and industry. The competition was attended by 22 male and 3 female teams, including the one from the enterprises: JSC IUEC, JSC PA ECP, JSC UEIP, PJSC NCCP.

That is the end of winter. But March gifted the last opportunity to admire a slightly snow-covered shorelines, supernatural ice transparency with infinitely beautiful cracks and a bright frost sun. While Baikal did not begin to deliberate its purest waters from under the ice shell, drowning all winter under the ice layer, the participants and guests of the competitions arrived to the Gulf of Huzhir-Nuga of the Small sea. From around all space allocated for the event there were heard fun laughter and noisy conversations of equipped sportsmen and fans.

Traditionally, the completion was open by welcome speeches of Mr. Alexander Dudin, the General Director of JSC AECC and Mr. Gleb Efremov, the General Director of JSC IUEC. In his speech Mr. Dudin congratulated the participants and guests with the 18-th in the account competition on the ice of Lake Baikal and wished all participants to have brilliant victories, excellent catch and good mood. Mr. Efremov expressed his thankfulness to the collective of JSC AECC for fruitful cooperation in resolution not only production issues, but also in arrangement of joint social events in the region. He also thanked the management of AECC and its trade-union organization for support in attribution to the event starting with 2017 of a new status, i.e A.E. Lebedev Cup Trophy.

After announcement by the chief judge of the fishing rules and the signal rockets, declared the beginning of the competition, the participants rushed to take their places. The rules allowed to fish with a rod at the minimum distance of five meters apart from each other. Along with it the members of the same team were broken down to different zones (A, B and C), for the victory to be guaranteed to the better extent by the skills of the fishermen instead of a well drilled in a good place and producing a fair catch, or lucky strike, in the language of the fishermen. The competition time was limited to three hours. The fishermen were watching vigilantly to the drilled wells, noticing the slightest movement of the float. The guests were watching the actions of the sportsmen, their manipulations with the equipment mysterious for a regular man, no less eagerly and excitedly. Periodically the silence was violated by joyful exclamations, notifying another caught fish. This year the sportsmen were fishing in extreme conditions, the bright sun was shining just a moment ago, but suddenly everything changed. Clouds impeded the sky. A strong impulsive wind came from the Sarma Gorge. Light rain began. And in the first time for many years of competition arrangement, it was possible to see puddles on the ice of Baikal. But time is inexorably moving forward and everything ends. The bright sun appeared again and the time came to finalize the results of the team-individual championship.

The main prizes of the competition, the passing cups named after A.E. Lebedev, were received by the most resilient, persistent and fast sportsmen, among men such became the team of FSUE Atom-guard (Angarsk), among women - team of managers of JSC AECC. The most spectacular is the traditional competition for speed drilling. This year, it was won by Mr. M. Melnikov (Chemical shop of JSC AECC), he was able to drill the ice of 140 cm. thickness for 15 seconds. The best among women in this competition became Mrs. O. Bobrovskaya (LLC MSSU), she drilled the well for 2 minutes 13 seconds. The largest fish of the competition turned out to be the perch weighing 338 grams. All winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes from JSC IUEC and JSC AECC, those were the certificates for fishermen's shops. The participants and guests of event received an unforgettable pleasure, a charge of health and new forces from this holiday of sports and friendship!

A celebration dinner was arranged at the end of the completion day, where the participants shared their impressions, resembled the past events, built their plans for the future, participated in interactive contests on fishing. Traditionally, Mr. Gleb Efremov awarded the tournament organizers, partners and participants with memorable souvenirs labelled with logo of Unlimited Luck Company «Omul&Sons». The culmination of the holiday became the colourful fireworks, fired the bright multi-coloured lights in the night sky over the pearl of our planet, in the honour of all the participants and guests of the team-individual championship!

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