Gleb Efremov gave a lecture to MGIMO students

October 09, 2017

Gleb Efremov, the General Director of JSC IUEC, gave a lecture «Multilateral nuclear approaches. IUEC» to the students of international magisterial program «Global security, nuclear policy and non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons» on October 9, 2017 in MGIMO.

Today, the world is facing new challenges in the area of possible violation of the non-proliferation regime of mass destruction weapons (MDW). Global economic and political changes and technological progress, on the one hand, open new opportunities for sustainable development, on the other hand, increase the risks of MDW proliferation and resumption of the arms race. It necessitates a new level of education in the area of non-proliferation and international security based on the latest achievements of science and interdisciplinary nature of research, as well as experience and expertise of leading experts in the field of non-proliferation.

Upon invitation of the PIR-Center, a priority of which is to educate well-qualified specialists in the field of international security and non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons and development of educational methods in these areas, Gleb Efremov in his lecture to the students talked of the IUEC role in global energy security to ensure the multilateral system of supply guarantees.

Pursuant to the PIR-Center initiative and with its direct participation the largest educational centres engaged in training in the field of international relations and non-proliferation: MGIMO (Moscow), the university of the Russian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and Middlebury Monterey Institute of international Studies (MIIS, Monterey, California, the United States), developed the first international magisterial programme dedicated to non-proliferation issues - a high-level innovative educational product. The program graduates receive diplomas from two universities - Russian and American ones.

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