Congratulation to employees of JSC AECC on the occasion of the 60-th anniversary of the Combine commissioning

October 21, 2017

Dear Colleagues, Dear friends!

I wholeheartedly congratulate the whole staff of JSC AECC with the significant event, the 60-th anniversary of the Combine commissioning!

You are engaged in a business that preserves Russia's strategic interests and energy security and ensures a dynamic socio-economic development of the city of Angarsk and Irkutsk region.

All achievements of the Combine are backed up with thousands of people's lives, several generations of highly skilled workers, specialists and managers of JSC «AECC» who have devoted themselves to this difficult but important and responsible business. The collective of JSC «AECC» has the right to be proud of the veterans - the people who were at the beginnings of the creation of nuclear industry in the region, have laid a solid foundation for growth, sustainable development and fruitful operation of the native enterprise. And by today we have a cohesive and friendly team of JSC «AECC» established, whose energy, competence, responsibility for the result allow to cope with the tasks in full scope and with high efficiency.

2017 is a jubilee and for us, 10 years since the foundation of JSC «IUEC». All these years JSC «AECC» has been a reliable partner and like-minded entity of the Centre. We are proud of our cooperation with the team of JSC «AECC», there are mutual respect, openness to dialogue, trust and sincerity in our relationships. The first and still unrepeated guarantee stock of low-enriched uranium in Angarsk was established in the shortest possible time thanks to our joint efforts, collective spirit of JSC «AECC» and JSC «IUEC». Our cooperation is not limited to only resolution of the production tasks, we jointly arrange socially significant events in Irkutsk region with engagement of leading enterprises of State Corporation «Rosatom».

I sincerely wish you and all staff of JSC «AECC» good health, well-being, further fruitful work to the benefit of the company, never rest on our laurels and keep faith in that the main achievements are yet to come!

The General Director

Gleb Efremov


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