The family contest of craft-works made of recyclable materials «Wonderful novelties from the rubbish bin» was held in the Year of Ecology in Russia

October 13, 2017

On October 13, 2017 in Metsamor (Republic of Armenia) the family contest of craft-works made of recyclable materials «Wonderful novelties from the rubbish bin» was held for children and their parents - the employees of Armenian nuclear power plant.

This event was arranged by JSC IUEC jointly with its partner, CJSC HAEK, was arranged in line with the Year of Ecology in Russia since nuclear power plays a significant role in the environment. Protection, resolution of climatic problems of our planet and ensuring of its environmental safety. Nuclear power plants produce the lowest emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere of all energy sources.

The purpose for arrangement of the contest was stimulation of the interest of the young generation and their parents to resolution of the environmental issues, proper attitude to the environment, nature and future of the motherland, transformation of the recycled items into new elements of utilizing or decorative intent as well as promotion and development of creative behaviour.

The contest commission used for selection in assessment of the creative works the criteria as follows: compliance of the work with the declared subject and completeness of its representation, originality of the idea, quality of performance, aesthetic appearance and operability.
The participants use paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic bottles, polyethylene bags, disposable tableware etc.

The ceremony of award was held at the day of the results summarization in the conference hall of the nuclear power plant, the ceremony was attended by Movses Vardanyan, the General Director of CJSC HAEK, Gleb Efremov. the General Director of JSC IUEC, Sergey Egorov, the Deputy General Director of JSC IUEC and Irina Kasatskaya, the Head of Division for Public and Cultural Programs of the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Erevan. The celebration event was attended by all participants (50 kids aged from 7 to 16) and their relatives. In his speech to the attendees Gleb Efremov highlighted that «arrangement of this kind of events with our shareholder became already a good tradition and this year the contests, arranged in line with the Year of Ecology in Russia is an opportunity not only inspire the new life to the old and unnecessary things but also to allow for each participant to make his contribution to preservation of the environmental conditions and improvement of the environmental situation». Mr. Movses Vardanyan noticed with satisfaction that the «contests build up the team spirit, the employees and their kids demonstrate all their creative potential».

The contest winners became: the 1-st place - Aik Airapetyan (11 years old, «Gas burner»), the 2-nd place - Anait Manukyan (12 years old, «A new chandelier with old things», the third place - Grigor Aninosyan (8 years old, «Mousetrap»). Gleb Efremov and Mocses Vardanyan handed to the winners and participants of the game the commemorative prizes.

During the meeting the kids and adults shared their impressions of the contest and told the stories of their craftworks. The event was accompanied with a celebration cocktail party for all participants.

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