IAEA inspectors visited the IUEC storage facility as part of the training courses at JSC AECC

October 05, 2017

IAEA inspectors October 5, 2017 visited the storage facility of the International Uranium Enrichment Center as part of the training courses on the safeguards at peaceful nuclear installations for gas centrifuge enrichment and installations for stable isotopes production. The storage sites of JSC IUEC, which are in the territory of JSC AECC under safeguards of the IAEA, store the guaranteed stock of low enriched uranium (LEU) intended for supply to the countries which suffer difficulties in supplying NPPs with nuclear fuel due to reasons which are not technical or commercial.

During the visit the issues of storing and servicing the LEU guaranteed stock and application of the IAEA safeguards at the IUEC’s facility were discussed. A representative of the IUEC takes part in the work of the training courses.

The training courses for IAEA inspectors are held from October 3 till 10, 2017 at JSC AECC and JSC PA ECP by the IAEA request as part of the implementation of the Russian program to support the safeguards of the Agency. A group of IAEA inspectors – employees of the Bureau of Verification in Iran – takes part in the courses.


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