In the framework of EXPO-2017 the delegation of the IUEC took part in the Atomic week

July 21, 2017

The delegation of the IUEC headed by Mr. Gleb Efremov, the General Director, took part in the celebration opening of «Atomic week» in the Russian Pavilion at the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan).

On July 18, 2017 at the ceremony of opening the welcome addresses were made by Mr. Kirill Komarov, the First Deputy Director General - Director for International Business of the State Corporation Rosatom, Mr, Georgiy Kalmanov, General Commissar of the Pavilion of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mr. Rapil Zhoshybaev, Commissar of the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017.

In his address Mr. Kirill Komarov on behalf of the Rosatom welcomed the guests and noticed that the motto of the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 is «Energy of the Future». «Very many people today think: «What is the energy of the future? We are confident and very many international experts share our view that the ideal energy mix of the future is a balance of «green» energy sources. The nuclear power is playing and will play a huge role in this «green» energy mix. The nuclear technology today is much more than just energy. It is very good visible at our exhibition how the nuclear technology improves quality of life through application of radiation technologies in medicine and agriculture, as these technologies are used in water desalination and purification. Today, the energy of an atom is used also in space exploration making the future closer», - he said.

The visitors of the temporary exhibition of the State Corporation Rosatom, that was arranged under the slogan «Atomic energy is the driving force of the future», carried out a virtual tour about the NPP unit of Generation 3+ in the subject-matter section dedication to operation of moder nuclear power plants. They familiarized with the exhibition telling how nuclear technologies improve quality of life through application in agriculture and medicine, water desalination and purification, how the use of atomic energy brings the future closer thanks to its implementation into the space exploration, supercomputers, closed fuel cycle of nuclear power plants, superconductors and thermonuclear energy.

The round-table discussion «Carbon-free energy is the energy of the future» took place in the framework of the subject-dedicated week on atomic energy. The discussion participants were Mr. Kirill Komarov, the First Deputy Director General - Director for Development and International Business of the State Corporation Rosatom, Mr. Helmut Engelbrecht, President of the World Nuclear Association, Mr. Dominique Minière, Chief Executive Officer, Vice President of the EDF (France), Mr. Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Mr. Takuya Hattori, Adviser, Ex-President of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum . In the course of the discussion, the experts agreed on the significance of nuclear power in the energy mix of the future. The nuclear power ensures the long-term guarantee of the prices and stability of the base load without production of greenhouse gases, it does not depend on climatic factors and geography. The experts also noticed the necessity of work with public acceptability as one of the preconditions for nuclear power development.

On the margins of EXPO- 2017 Mr. Gleb Efremov congratulated the team of the SC NAC Kazatomprom with the significant date, the 20-th anniversary of the company foundation. He noted that SC NAC Kazatomprom became the first shareholder of the IUEC and for the past 10 years since the Center establishment remains our reliable partner that can effectively address the challenges facing our companies. In his speech the General Director of the IUEC emphasized that the SC NAC Kazatomprom is indisputably one of the world leaders in the world nuclear industry. «You invest significant resources in the establishment of the industrial infrastructure, actively implement the most modern scientific and technical developments and technology in the production, pay great attention to resolution of social and environmental issues. I am positive that the National Atomic Company will continue to develop effectively in these directions in the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its citizens».

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