Mr. Vladimir Orlov, the founder of the PIR-Center, made high assessment of the IUEC performance in Angarsk

July 05, 2017

Mr. Vladimir Orlov, the founder of the PIR-Center, the head of the Center for Global Issues and International Organizations of Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, has paid an inception visit to the JSC International Uranium Enrichment Center located on the territory of JSC AECC.

Today, the PIR-Center founded in 1994 is the leading non-governmental organization in Russia that specializes in study the issues of global safety, nuclear non-proliferation, international information security and global Internet management, countermeasures against new challenges and hazards.

In the course of the visit there was held a working meeting between Mr. Gleb Efremov, the General Director of the IUEC and Mr. Alexander Dudin, the General Director of the AECC.

Mr. Gleb Efremov noted that the visit was timed to coincide with the significant event - the 10th anniversary of the IUEC foundation. «The Center in Angarsk was founded under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Currently, the storage of guaranteed stock of low-enrichment uranium (LEU) in the quantity of over 120 tons (69 casks) is located here, this quantity is sufficient to ensure two refuelings of a reactor of 1GW capacity. The supplies from the guaranteed stock are preformed under the decision of IAEA Director General. Insofar, Angarsk is the only site over the world, where such a center exists», - told Mr. Gleb Efremov.

The foundation of the IUEC on the territory of the Russian Federation allows to resolve several tasks, namely: ensure guaranteed supplies of the uranium enrichment services; enhance the role of nuclear power in ensuring the global energy security; develop the global infrastructure of nuclear power by means of establishment of international fuel supply centers; decrease the threats to nuclear non-proliferation.

Mr. Vladimir Orlov made high assessment to the performance of the company and said that the visit to the site and warehouse of the IUEC became for him an invaluable acquaintance in practice of the guaranteed fuel stock issues, which previously he had to deal with from a scientific perspective. «It is quite obvious that the decision to establish the IUEC was correct and timely. The main purpose of my visit today is to see, what has been achieved for these 10 years and what are the Center perspectives. It is important to outline that the guaranteed stock located at the territory of the AECC is in the reliable hands of professionals», - said Mr. Vladimir Orlov.

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