The AECC Open Team-Individual Championship on ice fishery by fishrod on Lake Baikal for Lebedev Cup Trophy took place on March 18, 2017.

March 23, 2017


The AECC  Open Team-Individual Championship on ice fishery by fishrod on Lake Baikal for Lebedev Cup Trophy took place on March 18, 2017. It was decided to devote this year contest to the 60th anniversary from the date when the plant was put into operation.
The fact of naming the Championship after Alexey Yevgenievich Lebedev highlights the high service and tribute of Alexey Yevgenievich to the Russian nuclear industry and shows heartfelt respect and gratitude to him as Ice Fishery Tournament constant partner and  IUEC Team Captain. This huge event has already become a good tradition and a long-awaited festival gathering people from different parts of Russia – Irkutsk Region, Moscow Region, Sverdlovsk Region , Krasnoyarskiy Krai and even sunshine Armenia. The participants secure the company main principles demonstrating inalterability of corporate spirit, strength of   sporting traditions and   fair competitiveness based on a friendly relationship.
The competition was attended by 22 male and 4 female teams, total number of participants and guests amounted to more than 200 people. Winter fishing is one of the most exciting form of sport fishing. Here the participants show good physical conditioning, stamina, tenacity, skill and experience. According to the tournament rules the referees count freshwater fish of any kind hauled within the period of three hours . Team winner is determined by the highest catch of three fishermen from the same team. The participants are allowed to use only one rod equipped with the jig, fly or hook. Professional referees observe the adequate fulfillment of all requirements.
At the opening ceremony Alexander Dudin,   AECC Director General, in his welcoming speech wished everybody good luck and positive energy and expressed his confidence that this particular event would be kept in mind owing to a great fish catch, the bright Baikal sun and vivid impressions!
Gleb Efremov,  IUEC  Director General, congratulated the tournament participants and guests and pointed out that the competition would reveal the strongest and the most deserving individual anglers and sports teams that represented the leading enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation and related organizations. He thanked the management of   AECC for joint productive cooperation on socially significant project development, and addressed all the participants with well-wishing of sporting enthusiasm, worthy results and positive emotions!
This event turned into a fairy-like festival when over Baikal icy surface flew aloft the colorful flags of fishing teams and numerous striking banners of participating companies appeared. The organizers identified 3 areas to catch fish to which the participants rushed in search of the most fish-abundant supply after the contest take-off.
The day boasted an exciting atmosphere -   frosty air, transparent blue ice, clear sky and bright sun giving even the opportunity for sunbathing. The fortune was favorably disposed to many anglers thanking to this wonderful weather.
When the main event came to its completion, an exciting contest on ice holes fast drilling started. The hot support of aficionados nearly melted the 120 cm ice of Lake Baikal. The long-hours event was crowned by the main referee’s declaring of the final results.
The perch of 290 grams was announced as the biggest caught fish. In man-team classification the first place went to the team of uranium isotopes separation workshop at AECC electrical equipment department, and in woman-team classification - to the team of AECC plant administration. Both teams were awarded with the main prize of championship –Lebedev Challenge Cup Trophy.
During the sports festival the participants could keep warm by drinking hot tea or coffee and refresh themselves with a delicious lunch. Not everybody became a winner, but everybody brought good mood and energy boost to home.
All winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and valuable prizes. The evening of the event was ended up by a festive dinner, entertainment program with quizzes and colorful fireworks. The unflagging zeal that Alexey Lebedev invested in these competition gathered on the ice of the world most beautiful lake the best of the best - the most passionate and skilled fishermen, whom he himself referred to jokingly as Members of Unlimited Luck Company "Omul&Sons." According to the tradition rooted by Alexey Lebedev the organizers, partners and participants of contest were awarded with the small gifts with Unlimited Luck Company "Omul&Sons" emblem as a keepsake of this wonderful event .

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