International Women's Day

March 03, 2017

 Our dear women!

On  behalf of  all JSC IUEC   men and myself
I have the pleasure   to convey our heartiest congratulations
on this wonderful  holiday– the International Women's Day!
The advent of the 8th of March has been customarily associated with the outbreak of spring – time of year when everything is aspiring towards rebirth and updating.
Like first rays of spring sun, you fill the world with warmth and  light  and  make  it kinder. You inflate the life with harmony and charm. On weekdays and holidays, at work and home – we rejoice our hearts at your support.
Whatever difficult the working conditions could be, you face up to all challenges on a par with men, engender hope  and inspire to new achievements. Your responsibility, commitment and the highest professionalism help to put into life  unique projects.
Only work in collaboration with you   can give us confidence that all difficult tasks are within our scope of abilities!
Let the job bring you pleasure, joy and deserved reward!
We wish you good health, bright  love and spring mood all the year round!
We infinitely appreciate and respect you!
                                                                                                                   Gleb  Efremov 
                                                                                                                   JSC IUEC


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