AEСС’ Open Team-Individual Championship on ice fishery by fishrod on Lake Baikal

February 28, 2017

 AEСС’ Open Team-Individual Championship

on ice fishery by fishrod on Lake Baikal

for Lebedev Cup Trophy will be held

on March 18, 2017

 Fishing was one of the infatuation of Alexey Evgenievich Lebedev. It was far from being just hobby or pleasant leisure activity. Most likely, it was state of mind. People say that time spent on fishing isn't brought by God on account of life and that fishing is the most labor-consuming way to unwind. Lebedev, as a hereditary fisherman, attracted many of his friends to this captivating activity and they became real fans of this sacrament, though some of them had never done fishing before. According to the statistics most of the businessmen, politicians, officials and scientists who achieved in their lives the desired purposes were keen and dedicated fishermen. They claim that their involvement into fishing helped them to surmount difficulties and to win.

The life of Alexey Evgenievich can only justify the truth of this statement. Successful in professional activity, in having united and close-knit family, in heartfelt communication with friends, he confirmed that such qualities as will and commitment, professionalism and benevolence can find the application in fishing and in life. Lebedev Alexey Evgenievich was born on December 28, 1955 in Moscow. The professional career of Alexey Evgenievich was connected with nuclear industry. He devoted 39 years of his professional career to the international projects promotion in Russian nuclear industry. He was highly esteemed by colleagues, companions and partners.

 After graduation from Moscow State Teacher Training University with honors he took a position of Assistant at the Protocol Department of the USSR Minsredmash International Affairs Agency. In 1986 Alexey Evgenievich was sent to the Hungarian Republic where he worked as Minsredmash Deputy Representative. He dealt with issues of uranium product shipments from Hungary to the USSR and Soviet equipment deliveries to the Hungarian uranium enterprises.

 In 1990 he resumed his cooperation with the International Affairs Agency where from 1992 to 1997 he headed the Foreign Personnel and Ptotocol Department. During this period Alexey Evgenievich carried out projects on research nuclear fuel export from Iraq, organized unique (the only one project in the history of world nuclear industry) transportation of irradiated spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from Iraq to Russia via air transport. He stood at the origins of the first initiatives on the HEU-LEU agreement.

In 1997 Alexey Evgenievich started to work for the JSC Tekhsnabeksport (TENEX) where he occupied the position of Deputy Director General. He was charged with supervising the high-priority projects including low-enriched uranium (LEU) natural component problem, prospects of SNF import into the territory of the Russian Federation, isotope product deliveries and others.

Alexey Evgenievich took the helm of the JSC “IUEC” in January 15, 2010, and over the period of his leadership the enterprise from pilot project turned into successful company which put into force the undertakings in accordance with two intergovernmental agreements.

 Under the Agreement with the IAEA, the guaranteed reserve of LEU was formed by the IUEC. The IUEC premise in Angarsk became the only installation in Russia functioning under the guarantees of the IAEA. Authorized organizations representing the new member countries of Armenia and Ukraine were included into company shareholder structure and the first supplies of nuclear materials were launched to cover the demands of new shareholders.

 Alexey Evgenievich proved himself as a talented leader. His resourceful mind, strategic and innovative approach to solution of the national-level assigned tasks ensured the successful completion of advanced and perspective projects developed under his leadership. Alexey Evgenievich was honored with state awards including the 3d degree "Academician I. V. Kurchatov" merit badge, "For international cooperation in nuclear industry" merit badge and "60 years to nuclear power" anniversary medal.

 Shortly before passing away, Alexey Evgenievich told in the interview to the “Digest Atomprom” about his dream:

"… I want to catch a marlin of half-ton weight, to learn professionally to play guitar and billiards. Then I have been to 86 countries, but there are more than 200 countries in the world, so there remains a lot of places which I would like to visit …"

Fishing excursions played a great role in his exploration of the world. This passion brought him into the most interesting places of the globe. He did fishing on Maldives, Seychelles, in Kenya, the Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mongolia, Russia - on the rivers of Kamchatka and Yakutia, on Volga and in the Barents Sea.

 But his greatest love was fishing on Lake Baikal. According to his words, Baikal Lake natural surroundings channel powerful energy and overwhelm with unsurpassed beauty and solemnity. During his management the IUEC became the partner of AECC’ Ice Fishery Competition on Lake Baikal. Alexey Evgenievich acted not only as organizer of the event for ROSTOM State Corporation leading enterprises staff, but took active part in competition in the role of the IUEC team captain!

 That’s why it has been decided since this year to hold this competition in his honor and under the name of AECC’ Open Team-Individual Championship on ice fishery by fishrod on Lake Baikal for Lebedev Cup Trophy!

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