The IUEC storage facility received a routine scheduled inspection of the IAEA

November 09, 2016

 A routine scheduled inspection of the IAEA on physical inventory verification (PIV) and design information verification (DIV) was held in the IUEC storage facility on November 8-9, 2016.

During the inspection, the IAEA inspectors checked reports and records for compliance, conducted independent confirmation measurements of nuclear material using non-destructive techniques, weighted selected containers, analyzed results obtained by video surveillance system installed in the IUEC storage facility, as well as checked integrity of all and replaced some of the IAEA seals on nuclear material containers.

At the final briefing, the inspectors reported that they had implemented the inspection plan in the full scope, happy with its results and that the IAEA official statements on inspection findings would be positive.
The IAEA inspectors marked the high level of the inspection organization and thanked the Russian side for every assistance.

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