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July 02, 2018
The purpose of the event was the training of Kazakh inspectors with respect to the issues of implementation of the IAEA LEU Bank inspection activities at the example of the guaranteed reserve of LEU in the storage facility of JSC IUEC located at the territory of JSC AECC.
May 28, 2018
I think that 2018 shall be marked by accession of a new shareholder. The issue has not yet passed its political stage, we have to exchange notes between the governments of three states: accessing country and founder-states of IUEC, i.e. Kazakhstan and Russia. According to our estimates, the political process will take not more than three months. If it is completed successfully, then somewhere in the end of the summer we will declare that begins to grow up.
May 16, 2018
The main theme of the exhibition of JSC IUEC became the guaranteed supplies of nuclear fuel and ensuring of equal access to the uranium enrichment services for all countries wishing to develop the nuclear energy. The key element of the exhibition booth became the cask with uranium hexafluoride as a symbol of the fuel supplies to the shareholders of the Centre and insurance mechanism of provision the IAEA member-countries of with low-enriched uranium.
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