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November 09, 2017
During the inspection the IAEA inspectors verified the reporting and accounting documentation, conducted independent confirming measurements of nuclear material using devices of non-destructive analysis (NDA), conducted weighing selected casks, analyzed the results obtained from the video-recording systems installed in the IUEC storage facility, and also partially replaced the seals of the Agency's applied at the casks with nuclear materials.
October 21, 2017
All achievements of the Combine are backed up with thousands of people's lives, several generations of highly skilled workers, specialists and managers of JSC AECC who have devoted themselves to this difficult but important and responsible business. The collective of JSC AECC has the right to be proud of the veterans - the people who were at the beginnings of the creation of nuclear industry in the region, have laid a solid foundation for growth, sustainable development and fruitful operation of the native enterprise.
October 20, 2017
The purpose of the event arranged by JSC IUEC jointly with the primary trade-union organization of JSC AECC was promotion among the children the value of scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons in the area of atomic energy, continuity, tradition and development of the children's art.
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